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3666 Priceville Rd. Bonnieville, KY 42713

Kentucky’s Largest Haunted Attraction
Voted top 10 haunted attractions in the U.S.!!
*100 acres of prime “scream your butt off” farmland! 
*Utilizing professional level themes, props, and actors,
*7 Years of Terror!!  and growing!!



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This aint your ordinary, middle of the day, on your grand dad’s farm, zombie hay ride!!

The Zombie Paintball Apocalypse is an outer body experience like no other.

Riding the heavily armed Trailer of Death™ through zombie infected zones of catastrophic destruction gives you the opportunity to help eliminate the undead.

Toxic waste sites, The Head Collectors, and the haunted cemeteries are just a few of the areas that need exterminating.

And this is just the trail leading to the Hill!

*Several extremely scary phases interconnected with self guided trials throughout the haunted woods. and yes, 
corn mazes too!

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Live Music!!

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This website is committed to the total elimination of all Zombies and other haunted beings of the UnDead!!

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